Véronique Buist & Christelle Lacombe | Duo

Véronique Buist 

Véronique Buist is a multidisciplinary artist whose primary exploration lies with textile fibres. While delving into the realm of embroidery, she also developed a keen interest in the medium of paper, its manufacture, and its poetic potential. The works she presents here are unique for their utilization of coloured fibre, transformed into paper pulp.

In the depths of her art, imaginary landscapes come to life. Buist manipulates watercolour-rendered forms, conjuring up visions of asteroids and craters that symbolize a genuine quest for meaning. Everything becomes a thread to be woven and rewoven, a pretext for deciphering the significance behind the weave. Her work is an intuitive dance, driven by a compelling need to find beauty within chaos: is the asteroid a symbol of jubilation? The crater, a receptacle of light? Each instance of chaos can be both creation and destruction.

Véronique Buist is based in Montreal, Canada, and holds a BFA in Visual and Media Arts from UQAM (2010). She has exhibited her work in Montreal, Toronto, Paris, Lisbon, and various other locations.

Christelle Lacombe

Christelle Lacombe, psychoanalyst and visual artist, delves into the potential connections between artistic creation and psychological analysis. Through her textile works, she redefines the concept of language; although they beckon interpretation, each word becomes a realm of ambiguity and perpetual wonder. Much like an invitation to journey into Alice’s Wonderland, her art grants entry into a realm of altered and tumultuous language, where even as meaning fluctuates, humour and poetry carve out their niche. From her sewing machine, now metamorphosed into a typewriter, she intertwines words and forms, establishing the groundwork for a universal language. The choice of blue thread is deliberate, reminiscent of the indigo ink that has traditionally been utilized, from classroom scribbles to hastily penned telephone notes.

Residing and working in Paris, France, Christelle Lacombe serves as a psychoanalyst specializing in adolescent psychological disorders. Additionally, she boasts over three decades of experience as an art therapist specializing in visual arts. Her artistic endeavours have graced exhibitions across Europe, notably in France, Italy, and Lithuania.

April 18 to May 18, 2024