Éric Nado

Since 1999, Éric Nado has been exploring urban relics, collecting industrial pieces, and making contemporary sculptures. His artwork pays tribute to a collective industrial past and exudes and inspires, a sense of nostalgia. A Bachelor of Philosophy and of Visual Arts, Éric Nado started his career in Montreal, Canada and was one of the first tenants and administrators of the Lézarts Coop, the city’s first visual arts housing, and workshop cooperative, before moving his family and workshop to Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, in 2007. Nado is widely recognized by his peers and is notably featured amongst the artists accredited by the Quebec Ministry of Culture’s Integration of Arts and Architecture Program since 2010 (Commonly known as the 1% project). His work is showcased in Montreal at the C.O.A. Gallery, and in California, at the Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Arts.

The material world was built, first and foremost: one of the roles art can take is of reinterpreting its forms and functions. Through sculpture-assemblage, Éric Nado transforms and reorganizes certain objects to reveal other possibilities through their forms or intended functions. Using iconic metal objects such as typewriters and sewing machines, Nado materializes concepts such as labor and memory. Filled with nostalgia, the objects he transforms into sculptures tell compelling stories.