Arnaud L. Vidricaire | Solo exhibition

Born in 2000 in Quebec City (Canada), Arnaud L. Vidricaire lives and works in Montreal. His artistic practice takes the form of ambitious spatial installations, through which he tells the story of his inner turmoil. Emotional, non-conscious creations, his works begin with instinctive tracings on the surface of his graphic tablet. He saturates the screen with various tangles of lines, most of which he ultimately discards, retaining only the strongest compositions. The result is sculptural objects laser-cut from wood, which he then paints by hand. The colour he applies with immense meticulousness, moving from a hitherto highly impulsive creation to a meditative experience, creates all the complexity of his approach. He opts for a Crayola palette, a nod to the innocence of the child and to the primal relationship he has with the line.

In Arnaud L. Vidricaire's work, the gesture is masterfully staged. He treats line as a form of personal expression, as much for its plastic value as for the intimate testimony it provides. The drawing leaves the screen to saturate the wall, occupying space in a magnificently raw and unexpected way. The act of making becomes the work. 

Arnaud L. Vidricaire

September 14 to October 14, 2023