Josiane Lanthier | Solo show

Josiane Lanthier | Solo show

mars 11, 2020

Josiane Lanthier | Solo show
Dates: March 26 – May 25, 2020

The Galerie C.O.A is delighted to present the first solo exhibit of emerging artist Josiane Lanthier.

Josiane Lanthier lives and works in Montreal. A professional artist since 2008, she has participated in numerous group shows in Quebec.

This exhibit spotlights her singular vision, that of a play on color, texture, luminosity, and overlapping layers, which allows her to manipulate one’s perception and to give her work another dimension.

Via a juxtaposition of bright, saturated shades mixed with pastels, allowing the colors to radiate, Josiane Lanthier infuses warmth to cool tones, an approach which is at the center of her artistic practice. She appreciates experimenting with different tools, textures, and finishes, forever on the lookout for startling results. For an artist whose process is more important than the subject matter, her creations are nonetheless imbued with nature, with semi abstract landscapes.

Voyages are highlighted in her most recent works. Rimouski’s Bic, Percé in Gaspésie, or even, Mazunte in Mexico, with its mythical sunsets in vibrant colors, are represented in a most brilliant way.

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