Zoltan Veevaete

Zoltan Veevaete is a dedicated artist with a passion for global art history. His unique style transports spectators into multiple territories at once. His incisive and intelligent paintings act almost as would a cult film: With each viewing the experience allows for new discoveries, unveiling surprising new elements and perspectives. Reading his works is both a simple and complex exercise; multiple interpretations coexist in order to reflect the complexities of our modern lives. A self-taught artist, Veevaete has always been drawn to the visual arts. His passion and ambition have led him further and further away from the paint can and closer to the paintbrush. With his rich experience as a career graffiti artist and muralist, he ventured into the world of painting, fueled by his admiration for classical painters. This led him to relocate to Spain for two years, where he deepened his appreciation and knowledge of Spanish artistic traditions. In 2010, Veevaete completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts at Concordia University in Montreal and became the recipient of the prestigious Cecil Buller-John/J.A. Murphy Scholarship Award in Drawing. Since graduating, he has dedicated himself entirely to creating.

Statement :

Veevaete’s approach to painting consists primarily of voluntarily questioning his own influences, be they aesthetic or technical, and pushing the artistic process to constantly come full circle. His works reflect a space-time continuum comprised of back and forths, elemental collisions, borrowings, and tributes to our collective past. He elicits a strange sensation, a fleeting feeling of déjà-vu, an evanescent vibe that perfectly inhabits the viewing experience. The mixing of the masses is a metaphor for modern evolution in perpetual expansion. The blurring of the lines nowadays fashion, music, information and representation technologies. It is a concept that not only defines us as a contemporary society but borrows and tangles influences from the past in order to constantly redefine the frame of our current identities. We are then faced with a unique, expanding, dynamic subject; some sort of cyclical all-in-one. And, it is this quest to re-present the superimposed synergic nature of our lives that transpires through Zoltan Veevaete’s stylistic approach; a commingling of eras and esthetic influences for the creation of a personal collection of images with endless pathways of interpretation.

Most recent exhibition : The Screen’s Tunnels 

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