Dates: April 11th - May 18th, 2019
Opening: Thursday April 11th, 5-8pm

In Soft Existentialism, Quebec artist Alexandra Levasseur is presenting the results of a year of exploration in ceramics, testing different kind of clays and glazes. With these new delicate artworks, she has been revisiting past subjects in their tridimensional version. 

From painting to animated films and now sculpture, Alexandra keeps on exploring new forms of mediums, allowing her to develop many dimensions of her statement: existentialism, surrealism, mystery, time and change. Each medium helps improve the other on every level (technique, content and form), and provides spectator different readings of her message.

Soft Existentialism is also featuring the works of Ber Arce, with a series of “Cosmic Landscapes”.

Ber makes the choice of the scanner as a medium and of the use of nature not as inspiration but as raw material, as an expressive element. He takes us to the world of the miniscopic, which refers to looking at objects that are visible to the naked eye but magnified. He thus creates an allegorical view of the universe, also letting his emotional reactions become glitches.


Alexandra Levasseur and Ber Arce are longtime friends. They met in 2007 in Costa Rica, Ber's country of origin. Both students at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Costa Rica (UCR), they worked together afterwards in an advertising agency in San Jose. In 2008, they met againt in Barcelona to deepen their university studies, and collaborated on several artistic projects (including animation, video and photography).

Alexandra now lives in Montreal and Ber is based in Barcelona. Both have common interests for nature, astronomy and the unusual, and interpret these subjects in their own language. Soft Existentialism’s show, whose title deals with the mystery and beauty of life in the universe, was born from a desire to juxtapose their respective practices in order to amplify this message.