Sandra Chevrier

Sandra Chevrier currently lives in Montreal, Quebec. A full-time artist and single mom, she works out of her home studio. Her work leads her to visit a broad range of fluctuating enigmatic emotions and concepts that have set the standard for our modern communication framework. A gaze-collector, and an idea-chaser, Sandra aggressively pursues a common thread until it is worn away, leaving her free to pursue new paths. She seeks to expose the limitations we set within our world, our self-imposed expectations - the cages we have allowed to bar us from experiencing the fullness of life -. Her work is shown in Canada, as well as in the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, and Asia. The series ‘’Superhero Cages’’ garnered international acclaim. Her artwork is found throughout varied collections across the globe, in Europe and North America, and in such countries as The Netherlands, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, and Russia.

The Cages series is about women trying to find freedom from society's twisted preconceptions of what they should - or shouldn't - be. They are represented in cages of brash paint strokes, or comic books, that mask their individuality and symbolize the plight of false expectations of beauty and perfection, which women bear. These masks also represent the social limitations, which corrupt what truly is beautiful and lock women into prisons of highly-codified and narrow identities. By doing so, they are asked to become nothing short of superheroines. Sandra makes her models seemingly emerge from a surreal world onto the canvas, wherein a dance is performed between reality and imagination, truth and deception.