Raphaël Guillemette | Solo exhibition

Solo exhibition “Bout de branche” by Raphaël Guillemette 

Raphaël Guillemette, a young, self-taught artist born in Quebec City, presents a solo exhibition titled “Bout de branche.” As he constructs his own painting technique, Guillemette offers a candid artistic perspective, depicting the world around him in a distinct manner. His work, reminiscent of a stroll through the woods with its earthy colours and rough textures, encourages viewers to slow down, be curious, and observe. Themes of the forest and reforestation are prevalent, drawing inspiration from Guillemette’s experiences as a tree planter and horticulturist based in Rimouski.

Using acrylics and incorporating various materials from liquid latex to soil, Guillemette places importance on the surface of his works. Some paintings include natural materials found in the forest and everyday objects, resulting in pieces that verge on sculpture. Seeking a continual loss of control, the artist embraces the unexpected, finding answers in the chance presented by experimentation. The resulting works reflect Guillemette’s profound connection with nature, individuals, and society through his interactions with matter and the passage of time.

January 18 to February 17, 2024