Quests | Valérie Gobeil

“Quests” | Valérie Gobeil
From May 12 to June 11, 2022

Quest, each piece of Valérie Gobeil is one. She goes on a search without necessarily knowing where it will take her exactly. In a rigorous approach while being curious, she tries to explore the pictorial possibilities of fiber.

The large-scale work immediately sets the tone for Valérie Gobeil's ambition to always want to go further. Whether by patterns, size or colors, each piece is a new plastic proposal.

In perpetual research and almost obsessed with it, Valérie works tirelessly to make the fiber speak differently and question its place in contemporary art. Through this meticulous work, tactile colored pieces with abstract compositions come to offer the visitor a new way of seeing this matter.

This exhibition is not a culmination but a part of the journey of a work that continues day by day in the studio.