Puberté / Puberty | Laurence Philomène

“Puberté / Puberty” | Laurence Philomène
From April 7 to May 7, 2022


The exhibition “Puberté / Puberty” echoes the book of the same title by Laurence Philomène, a Montreal-based non-binary artist who creates colourful photographs inspired by their experiences as a transgender person with a chronic illness. “Puberté / Puberty” is based on a self-portrait work exploring the process of trans-identification. 

Through photographic work of vivid and surreal colours, Laurence’s approach is to provide a point of view where we must consider identity beyond binarity. Laurence Philomène’s photographs are observed through candid stagings, the lens of the camera being used to immortalize everyday routines during their transition. Taken during the pandemic, the photographs are situated in highly saturated domestic environments and provide access to scenes of rare intimacy.

The decision to tell a story in the manner of a diary stems from the reality of marginalized people whose models are often only transmitted by this method. It is therefore a way to ensure representation and solidarity with the queer and trans communities. Above all, Laurence wishes to convey hope and express that beyond individual experience, there is a connection in the experience of human existence.