Patrick Forchild

Patrick Forchild creates paintings, graffiti art, and practices photography. This artist and traveler is also an accomplished entrepreneur : he is at the helm of AVIVE, a clothing brand he launched over ten years ago, and is responsible for it’s creative direction. His creative universe is populated with people and recurring themes which are influenced by his travels and encounters. The exhibitions he participates in, his passion for graffiti art, the murals he creates, and the numerous collaborative projects he takes part in, all contribute to his experimental approach. This polyvalence is apparent in the various surfaces he works with, from canvases to street furniture, as well as in his environments, encompassing both rural and urban atmospheres. An active participant on the Quebec City art scene, Patrick is also a member of the Montreal-based La Paria and EN MASSE collectives, as well as the Quebec City UltraFlatBlack/NoirMat group. He notably co-founded the Morgan Bridge Gallery along with several other artists. Patrick Forchild is constantly navigating among his many passions, from drawing, to skateboarding, snowboarding, painting, graffiti, graphic design, photography, silkscreen printing and artistic direction.