Out 2023 | Group exhibition

C.O.A. launches its annual program with the third edition of Out, a critical exhibition about singularity and inclusion. The works of four artists, two of whom are neurodivergent, are brought together. This approach, from an aesthetic, but also societal point of view, is more important than ever in a world where neurodivergence is still perceived as a stigmatizing otherness. Beyond the artistic gesture, Out 2023 proposes a series of human encounters and a privileged opportunity to open up to the beauty of an atypical creation.  

Thus, the plastic experience of the exhibition takes place through a main triggering element: colour. Behind the repetitive tracing of a number or the chromatic assembly of a textile work, colours and supports create a new freedom. Whether it’s Edon’s drawing practice, King’s animal paintings, Andrea’s sewn works or Danielle’s landscapes, it's all about sensory exploration.


Edon Descollines (Canada)
King Nobuyoshi Godwin (USA)
Andrea Myers (USA)
Danielle Winger (USA)


February 2 to March 4, 2023