Olivier Moisan-Dufour

Olivier Moisan-Dufour’s creations present a captivating fusion of both raw and worked matter. Straddling the line between abstraction and hyperrealism, the artist explores the concepts of perception and the representation of objects. Within each piece, a delicate equilibrium coexists with a sense of precariousness. His sculptures are a play of solids and voids, layered with vibrant hues. Initially embracing an abstract language, Moisan-Dufour assembles various reclaimed wood scraps with spontaneity, aiming to give rise to novel forms and structures that become subjects for his painting explorations.
In his painting, the artist draws inspiration from the poetic translation of existing objects, transitioning from a highly intuitive process to a contemplative one. The sculptures’ portraits prompt viewers to ponder the essence of the object and its portrayal, establishing a simultaneous existence. His three-dimensional works delve into the tangible material aspects, while his paintings emphasize the object’s spatial presence. The outcome is a genuine poetics of the object, where comprehension transcends mere visual interpretation, retaining an intimate and individual significance for each observer.
Olivier Moisan-Dufour earned a master’s degree in Visual Arts from Université Laval (Québec, Canada). His work has been showcased in Mexico, Colombia, Cameroon and Germany. Additionally, he has been honoured with the Videre Relève visual arts prize.