Oli-B is an artist from Brussels, Belgium.

Since his teenage spray paint period he painted what he loved – forms and colours – and flirts now more with contemporary art. The letters developed in the direction of characters, the characters towards forms.

From abstract and figurative shapes charged with vivid colors, Oli-B molds the frontiers of his singular universe, where onirism interweaves with harmony and hope. An imaginary and secluded place, where movements and rhythm are highly important.

Oli-B loves the hustle and bustle of big cities and their crowds, and uses the public spaces as a playground. He invites you to his colorful, positive and vivid universe, where shapes, people and other elements born out of his imagination intermingle in an intuitive and spontaneous manner. In his paintings, he deploys his ideal and optimistic vision of the world, in opposition to the real image tainted with bitterness that he sometimes has of it. He makes colors dance and opens you the doors to an environment where the sense are created differently according to the lectures and interpretations.

His work ranges across a huge array of media: acrylic, spray paint as well as digital or screen printing techniques on a wide variety of surfaces, including canvas, paper, wood and walls.