Nos régions lumineuses | Karine Locatelli

Nos régions lumineuses (Our Luminous Regions) | Karine Locatelli  
December 8—January 21, 2023  

Pieces of scenery, fragments of boréalia, Karine Locatelli illuminates the immense benevolence of nature in her art. With a finely textured and decontextualized visual poetry, mountains, snow piles in shopping centre parking lots, rocks bordering a river are rendered anew.  
Obsessive about the process of “empaysage,” which puts the experience of place and perception at the centre of creation, her depictions of the Québec hinterland are embodied into a way of life, and the necessity of representation by the sensitive female relationship with nature.   
Karine lives and works in Les Éboulements, in the Charlevoix region.  
- Written by Marie-Andrée Gill