Nicolas Nabonne

Born in France in 1985, Nicolas Nabonne has been living in Montreal since 2006. He graduated with a visual and media arts BFA at the University of Québec in Montréal, in 2011. 

"I’m passionate about the ethical subject. My works refer to facts whose consequences are anecdotal on a collective scale, but reveal a deep toxicity of the human’s impact on his environment and directly onto himself, through individual experience. Each work is like a conceptual device or bait, which plunges viewers in situation with an ironic, yet cryptic feeling. Through bare installations, I toy with opposed archetypes, by confronting big and small; ephemeral and eternal; functional and obsolete; life and death; creation and destruction; white and black; individual and collective; artifact and nature; man and animal. The ethical questions emerge upon facing these obvious archetypes. Today, man grants himself a central status in the universe, which is highlighted in both a time-based and ecological perspective. Through the ecological problems and alterations of nature, it is the very notion of deteriorating humanity which is at stake.Each work I create is designed as an intentional misinterpretation, wherein morality oscillates between the tragic and the comic, allowing each individual to select their own level of grey in this black-tinged humor".