Nick Flatt & Paul Punk

Nick Flatt is a realist painter and sculptor from Dallas Texas, trained at San Francisco’s Academy of Art. He is notable for his large-format portraits and mixed media installations.

Paul Punk (aka PunkOne) is a Berlin-based graffiti artist who started experimenting with street art at the age of 12.

Nick and Paul met at an abandoned spy station in Berlin and became fast friends. Despite the fact that they come from two different countries separated by vast distances, they grew up with nearly identical cultural influences, very much the products of an ever-spreading, homogenized, cultural malaise. This very dulling pop culture is referenced in their work, with its blurring and dizzying effect of a culture dominated by image bombardment, grounded with elements of graffiti: This juxtaposition represents a foundation steeped in dissent. Heavily influenced by digital culture, Flatt & Punk pick and pull elements from various movements to create a contemporary abstraction that looks like art history was thrown into into a Photoshop blender.