Ms. Teri + Cat Prince

Cat Prince

Graduated from Concordia University in painting and drawing, Cat Prince is interested in the protocols of socio economics within taboo sub cultures. Working as an artist and in strip clubs concurrently, nightlife and consumerism are favorite subjects. Her perspective is feminist, labor oriented as it deals with the transparencies and nuances of society. She creates abstractions, searches to represent aspects of the sexualized vs. sexuality and how it translates on to canvas and through clay.

Ms Teri

Born in Czech Republic and raised in Montreal, Ms. Teri often refers to Europe’s history for inspiration and visual language. Throughout her bachelor’s degree at Concordia University, her desire to master many material forms has lead her to explore painting, drawing, printmaking, fibres and ceramics, always alluding to personal chronicles of urban life and spirituality. Best known for her work in Montreal's street art scene, her artworks show that a detailed craftsmanship is essential to her ethic.