Moe Piuze | Solo exhibition

Quand sortirons-nous danser ? (When will we go out dancing?) 
Dates: September 24 to October 24, 2020 

Human silhouettes whose lines are sometimes curved, sometimes brittle, Moe Piuze’s sculptures tell us a story. The artist digs into his daily life, past or present, different materials from which he creates his works. Pieces of wood from another era, old clothes, and photographs, these collected objects testify to his relationship with the territories he may have occupied or crossed. For this exhibition, he merges two spaces: the domestic and the intimate. These two prerogatives meet around a central theme, that of the “house-body”. The concept of the dwelling is treated here in a manner quite analogue to the body, since it literally constitute each part of his identity. Moe Piuze thus offers us a very personal imaginary world, the very definition of his identity. 

In the third room of the gallery, Moe Piuze offers a series of light boxes. As a counterpoint to his work on wood, which is sometimes raw, he creates four very smooth objects with a perfect and minimalist finish, recreating the frame from which he deliberately exists in the rest of his practice. Always guided by the concept of the “house-body,” he combines basic geometric elements with some more organic details, such as legs or a hand, in order to achieve perfect visual harmony. By playing with colours or different types of Plexiglas, Moe Piuze proposes an interplay between matter and light. He thus creates a space for artistic contemplation, leading the visitor to feel the light and to physically understand the work.

Since 2018, Moe Piuze has been creating assemblages that are the keystone of his master’s project in visual arts at UQAM (Montreal). Originally from Rawdon, the artist is a self-taught architect and likes to define himself as a researcher-handyman. Over the years, he has presented his work in America and Europe, notably at L’Écart (Rouyn-Noranda), the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal, the University of Bogotá Art Museum (Colombia) and the Casablanca International Video Art Festival (Morocco).