Mathieu Connery + Laurie Cotton Pigeon

Mathieu Connery

Mathieu Connery has practiced urban art for over 10 years, conducting personal and collective mural in different parts of Montréal and Canada. Lately, he has been focussing on atypic mural projects; he chooses textured and aged walls on which he integrates his geometric works, and would often come back and add elements to the work over time. He has produced a series of ground painting interventions on the Saint-Laurent boulevard, that can be seen from all angles and vaguely recall children's playground games. He has also reappropriated existing graffiti, remixing it to his liking.

Laurie Cotton Pigeon

Laurie Cotton Pigeon is a Montreal-based who completed her first BFA with a major in Art History and Studio Art, at Concordia University. For the past six years, she has mostly created paintings and drawings, and has recently been incorporating performance art into her practice. She articulates her art by experiencing nature through shamanism and horticulture. From spirituality to the everyday life she develops a unique symbolic and folkloric language. Her personal mandate is to solicit an emotional response from the viewer that can eventually bring self-reflection and personal transformation. She has participated in collective art shows between 2009 and 2014.