The Mêmes-Cacaïstes

The Mêmes-Cacaïstes is the most revolutionary worldwide movement in Quebec. They reinvent the painting as we offer an apple to its matrix. Their world is a set of glands that is at risk of the tumor at any time. Each is a virus for the other; the tree is in its leaves. Where the conflict in the interior is interfering with joy and passion, the pain of living refreshes. All the honesty of the world is fresh, once formulated. 

« We are the Mêmes-Cacaïstes, a collective of four pre-disciplinary artists. As our name suggests, we digest the history of art with our news means and we reject it with humor. The singularity of our production is determined by the technical advances of our time and our sensitivity to traditional mediums. We are talking here about digitized paintings or else, false performances where the documentation and its diffusion take precedence over the act. We upgrade the universe where the great masters have frozen, according to us. »