Laurence Philomène

Laurence Philomene is a non-binary artist from Montreal who creates colourful photographs informed by their lived experiences as a chronically ill transgender person. Their practice celebrates trans existence and studies identity as a space in constant flux via highly-saturated, cinematic, and vulnerable images. 

Gaining an interest in image-making in their teenage years, Laurence has since used photography as space to both experiment with, and document identity as it comes to be expressed through gender. Using photography as a process of mutual [and self] care, their work aims to humanize identities that have been historically marginalized, and act as a love letter to their community. 

Laurence is an honouree of The 30 (“PDN 30” - 2020), recipient of the Getty Images Creatives In Quarantine Bursary (2020), the Lucie Foundation emerging artist scholarship (2019), and the 2020 Women Photograph mentorship program. Their work has been presented in exhibitions and publications worldwide, including solo exhibits in Canada, Germany, France, and Poland. Laurence has created commissioned work in their signature style for Apple, Netflix, BEATS, Converse, VSCO, AirBnb, VICE, and more. 

Puberty is a self-portrait project which looks at the intimate and vital process of self-care as a non-binary transgender person taking testosterone as hormonal replacement therapy (HRT). 

Shot over a period of two years (2019-2020), it combines surreal colours and mundane environments to document daily moments and slow, subtle physical changes occurring during Philomene's transition. Looking at HRT as a process without a fixed end goal, Puberty challenges viewers to consider identity beyond binaries.