Karine Locatelli | Solo exhibition

Cueillette | Karine Locatelli
Date: September 16 to October 16, 2021


Karine Locatelli is an artist from Lévis (Québec, Canada). She is known for her mastery of the line, the medium she has chosen to represent the landscapes that surround her or that she encounters on her travels. But it’s a question of sensitive experience, since she is not concerned with the recreation of a subject, but rather with testifying to her experience of the territory. Her exhibition “Cueillette” takes us on an empirical tour of the landscapes of the Lower St. Lawrence, Charlevoix and the North Shore, for if her primary desire is to continue the plein-airist tradition of her region, her very personal and poetic relationship with things takes precedence. As an artist gatherer, she bears witness to a daily life spent along the river, in the mountains and the forest.

Hunting territories, wildlife reserves or local flora are all here, sketched with China ink on the rough surface of her paintings. We also discover a multidisciplinary aspect to her art: installation, sculpture, ceramics, embroidery, painting, etc. participate in the elaboration of her plastic universe and her emotional relationship with nature.