Jérémie Deschamps Bussières lives in Trois-Rivières (Quebec). He obtained a bachelor’s degree at the University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Visual Arts at the same establishment. In 2015, his work was exhibited in the Freshpaint group show, featuring 40 emerging Canadian artists, annually held at the Art Mûr Gallery in Montreal. He received the 2014 Newad National Art Prize, after obtaining the Julian-Gruda award in 2013. Jeremidb has exhibited his work in both solo and group shows and has presented his work locally as well as abroad, in countries such as Mexico, China, Colombia, France, and Spain.

Statement :

“I use the internet’s immense scope and its excess of information to create these narrative collages, which blur the divides between the natural world and artificial devices. Images arouse feelings and allow for a sentient experience of a given story: Bearing that in mind, I offer up a different way of conceptualizing a reality grappling with several pressing societal concerns, through my creative approach.”