Isaac Cordal

Isaac Cordal, a Spanish artist born in 1974 in Pontevedra, first studied sculpture at the School of Fine Arts in his native city. He then trained for five years at the Canteiros School, an institution specializing in stonework. Since then, he has been creating small resin creatures that he places everywhere in the interstices of cities, such as in the crack of a wall, the crack of a sidewalk, a puddle. Cordal’s characters are present in many cities around the world, including Montreal, London, Berlin, Paris, Nantes, Grenoble, Brussels, Ostend, Barcelona, Milan and Bogota. Isaac Cordal produces a social, denunciatory art. The recurring figurines in his creations are a metaphor for the contemporary human condition. Their size, miniature, translates the oppression that one endures in facing upheavals such as the class struggle, oligarchy, global warming or the misery that we encounter at every street corner. This aesthetic of the miniature creates a certain poetry, the characters staged by Cordal seem to play a tune for which we would have lost the score. They all seem to be caught in a kind of scenario from which they cannot escape. But the miniature also comes to serve the humility of the artist, who relativizes his social role and defends a humorous tone: “I try to use irony, but it is never a joke. Humour is a way to dress up drama. I think we need an overdose of humour every day to survive”.

- source : Beware Magazine