Dates: June 13 - July 20, 2019
Opening vernissage: Thursday June 13th, 5-9pm

Intuition plays a central role in Oli-B's artistic process. His works are built by instinct, without any calculation or preparatory drawing, and without a genuine choice of colors beforehand. Everything comes complete spontaneously, lead by his inspiration.

"As I produce by feel, it allows me to experience inwardly the creation of my art, and gradually discover its evolution". This intuitive part counterbalances the precision and rigor inherent in the realization of his works. "These two visible aspects bind everything together and allow to maintain an excitement threshold, which is essential for me in my painting approach".

The artist attaches great importance to the notion of freedom. "Freedom in my process of creation, but also freedom for people to make their own interpretation of my works. Nothing is set in stone. Senses, knowledge, feelings and personal history contribute to the spectator’s perception and understanding. I like the idea of an ode to freedom, of being and perceiving what you want ; of accepting your own emotions and let them run free".