Instinctuel | Group exhibition

"Instinctuel" | Group exhibition
Dates : January 27 to February 26, 2022

Artists: Alexandra Duprez (France, Douarnenez), Godin & Godin (Canada, Montreal), Damien Hoar de Galvan (USA, Boston), Thomas Labarthe (France, Nantes), Lynda Mullan (USA, MSS Centre in Minnesota), Luc Pierre (France, Lauris), France Trudel (Canada, Montreal).

With “Instinctuel”, C.O.A presents an exhibition free of all constraints, where seven local and international artists communicate their desire to reveal their own essence. Through a very basic palette, the exhibition emphasizes the brutality in the treatment of the subject rather than the complexity of the work. A weave of superimpositions, lines, colours and multiple materials share the walls of the gallery, where the artists are presented in turn. 

Alexandra Duprez lives and works in Douarnenez, France. While travelling to Australia, she discovered Aboriginal painting, and this inspired her to take courses at the Quimper School of Fine Arts upon her return. Specific to her art, her dreamlike paintings feature characters with detached and multiple limbs.

Godin & Godin is a Montreal collective that brings together Éric Godin, well known to the general public in Quebec, and his son Félix Godin. Éric wears many hats, in fact, he is a painter, a sculptor, an author as well as an editorial designer. With his son, he launched Godin & Godin, a project focused on rediscovering the most basic pleasure of creation through a rudimentary methodology, while retaining his unique signature.

Damien Hoar de Galvan resides and practises his art in Boston. Through various forms of artistic expression, such as sculpture, Hoar de Galvan creates artworks in recycled materials. His work aims to challenge today’s societal values, particularly by highlighting conflicting feelings about life and contemporary art.

Thomas Labarthe lives in Nantes and works in Marseille. To paint freely, without fixed ideas in mind, with the only constraint of having to stop, such is the motto of the artist. Whether coloured or monochrome, his paintings are always raw.

Lynda Mullan, an American artist from St. Paul, Minnesota, uses acrylic paint markers to create labyrinths of colour. These offer multiple opportunities to explore abstract and vibrant forms. For Mullan, creation represents an introspective and meditative space.

Luc Pierre, a French artist from Lauris, Provence-Alpes-Côtes d’Azur, presents his work as a long process of decomposition and composition. Inspired by music, Pierre’s collages are rhythmic and poetic.

Montreal-based artist France Trudel creates scenes with a raw aesthetic that blend the figurative with the abstract. The inspiration for her creations appears as she paints. Thus, deconstructed and colourful narratives emerge, defined by the eye that looks at them.

In essence, the exhibition allows to unify an artistic expression without restraint and, under a narrative of unbridled imagination, to access the intimate communication of the unconscious.