Hélène Cenedese

Born in  1973, Hélène Cenedese is a Montreal-based visual artist principally versed in drawing, painting, and printmaking. Her works - mostly bi-dimensional - are characterised by a visual language that is both poetic and visceral.

Hélène Cenedese is an Honours graduate from Concordia University's Visual arts program and has established a career as a social worker over the past 20 years. Working mainly in Montreal's South West, she is brought to develop connections with individuals experiencing loss of independence. Their intimate spaces - their homes, daily lives, memories and life stories - make up her work environment. Cenedese has also worked in Nunavik, in the northernmost part of Quebec's Hudson Bay, between 2000 and 2003. Following this pivotal residence among the Inuits (Nunavimmiut), she chose to further explore, and develop her artistic practice. 

Cenedese is as influenced by arctic landscapes as she is by the narrow recesses of compulsive hoarders' homes. She articulates her work according to the powerful impressions she gets from the environments and individuals she encounters. Certain images, powerfully iconic and symbolic, recur throughout her oeuvre, such as profiles of heads, sometimes bearing headphones; homes, shelters, and trailers; and everyday objects such as pillboxes and reading glasses.

In Cenedese's practice, canvas, wood and paper surfaces are spaces to be explored and eventually transformed.  She observes the ways in which different media interact, and the interactions resulting from their meeting. She seeks above all to make a mark, with impulsive gestures and instinctual movements. Indeed, Cenedese works at a rapid pace. The signifier becomes more and more of an afterthought as the shapes, traces and marks become the focus.

Hélène Cenedese has participated in various collective exhibitions in Montreal, Toronto, and New York. She has participated in the Festival Montréal en Arts since 2010; the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition from 2010 to 2014; and in The Artist Project in 2013. She has also received several awards, namely the "Prix Découverte" at the Festival International de Montréal sur l'Art, in 2010; The Art Purchase Award in Toronto; "The Artist Project" award in 2011, the "Prix de la relève" in the 2011 edition of FIMA; the FIMA Grand prize as well as the Galerie Carte Blanche Award of the FMA in 2016. Her first solo show was held at the Galerie D (Montreal) in 2011. From 2011 to 2017, she was represented by Parts Gallery (Toronto). Her work was showcased in both the Modulators group show at Toronto's Angell Gallery and the 2013 edition of the New York Affordable Art Fair. As of 2017, she is represented by Galerie C.O.A.