Godin & Godin

The colours of one and the shapes of the other. A story of instinct, spontaneity, and exploration of a father-son duo. This collaboration between Eric Godin and his son Félix began in 2021, bringing together their respective strengths: Félix’s colours and Eric’s shapes. Together, they go one further and initiate a two-person reflection which follows a production process that relies on each other, all while enjoying the material and the most absolute freedom. Indeed, the pleasure of creation is obvious when one looks at the result of their collaboration. 

Had it not been for this approach to colour, Eric Godin would not have been inspired in this rediscovery of artistic pleasure. For even if it is his forms and his unique signature that shine through, they cannot be dissociated from the colours produced by his son. In fact, Félix Godin paints the cardboard boxes, abundant and recycled raw material, as abstract paintings. And it is from this intra-family dialogue of infinite possibilities that the pieces draw their meaning.

The general public knows Eric Godin for his collaborations developed since 1984 with Voir, TVA (Le petit dessin de Godin), Radio-Canada (L’union fait la force), La Presse, La Presse +, L’actualité, the NFB, and Le Bulletin des agriculteurs. Also a sculptor and painter (represented by the C.O.A. gallery since 2016), his creations can be seen in various public and private collections here and abroad. 

Eric Godin is also the co-creator of the book and TV series Bébéatrice (on Tou.tv and Radio-Canada), of the best-seller Le petit Laurent illustré, created with Laurent Paquin at La Presse, and he is the creator of the children’s books Les Beurgz which he wrote and illustrated. Originally from Montreal, he lives and works in the countryside.

Born in Montreal, Félix Godin lives in the Laurentians with his companion, photographer Maggie Boucher, with whom he has been collaborating on photographic projects since 2015. His youth in the Eastern Townships was cradled by a life in the studio, where he first cohabited with painting thanks to his father, then with graphic design through his mother. It is thus within an artistic family that he develops and sharpens a sense of colour and design. Having trained as a house painter, a profession he practised for ten years, he is interested in everything that touches the culture of his huge garden and cooking.