France Trudel | Solo exhibition

France Trudel | Solo Exhibition

Dates: July 4 to August 31

France Trudel’s artwork exists in a realm between abstraction and figuration. Her vibrant colours, ethereal pastels, and blurred outlines emphasize shapes and hues, highlighting the few represented elements. Trudel intentionally destabilizes herself, drawn more to the interplay between composition and selected colours than to a literal depiction of the external world. She uses a wide palette without restrictions, creating a sense of boundless possibilities, all under subtle control.

Throughout her creations, Trudel invites us to explore the evolution of her artistic approach and inevitable progression. Each season brings its own transformations, births, and revolutions. One might imagine hearing a bird’s song, the rumble of a thunderstorm, the wind, or the weight of a hot summer. Balancing between her imagination and reality, France Trudel crafts a poetic ambiguity in her representation of the world.