Florian Eymann

An observation-based learning practice has allowed me to free myself from pre-established rules and to develop a style which I hope is very personal. I do not allow myself to be filtered by any taboo; for me, painting is a form of release, and indeed I get much pleasure from experimenting and associating different ideas. By working on a first subject, I usually let the canvas guide me… I use oil paint, and I paint in series, which are conducted by an idea, desire, or project. Much like a film director, I build images, develop my scenographies, and direct my characters.

- Florian Eymann

“There is much strength and power in these latest pieces. One doesn’t know if the forces that inhabit them are destructive; in any case, they are inevitable and  implacable. There are also some things here akin to tears on a clear image. It seems as though the original depiction has been covered with layers of unfathomable patterns, and seemingly all of a sudden, these accumulated layers were ripped off, allowing for peeks onto the original image. The ideas of time, deterioration, and the way that time ravishes our memories come to mind and evoke [décollage artist] Jacques Villeglé’s approach. In Eymann’s work, however, there are no posters or ads, but portraits of characters whose identities have been stripped away. There is violence here, much like in life and through its experiences. No exceptions are made for our resistance, and there are no ways of turning back. […] He also relates the idea that everything evolves through transformation, change, and the wearing effects of time - and that it is all irreparable -. But of course, that is our human condition.»

- Dominique Dupuis Ferrand, gallerist, Orléans (France)