Etienne Martin | Online exhibition

Galerie C.O.A launches its first online show, displaying a series of works by Montreal artist Etienne Martin.

Inventive and impulsive, Etienne Martin constantly renews himself in his artistic universe. In 2006, his mural on the restaurant "Patati Patata" (Montreal) marked his very first signature. With a desire to bring more visibility and recognition to Quebec visual art, he co-founded the magazine DÉCOVER in 2009.

Then he made a series with his son Esteban, pushing him more to exploit a naive, instinctive and primary side; these works were hyper colored, composed of multitudes of images all harmonized in a very spontaneous way. He also painted more than 600 vinyl covers, a series of paintings inspired by the Renaissance, as well as advertising posters whose meaning he reinvents.

His trip to Wynwood (Miami) gave him confidence and a desire to evolve once again, this time towards the creation of still lifes. He chooses sometimes existing artworks or reclaimed billboards as canvases, on which he paints inanimate objects with a raw aestheticism.