Espaces messagers | Group exhibition

Contemporary art is often considered the cradle of new perceptions and aesthetic conceptions of space. Using ink, pencil, paint, collage, ceramics, textiles, wood or fibre, eight artists explore the multiple facets of space in their own way, seeking to understand its complexity and possible combinations. Individually, they strive to capture the moment when human action, the process of creating, feeds into this research. The work of the hand becomes crucial. In “doing,” they build an artistic environment that responds to their own myths. Whether representing landscapes or plastically interpreting the living forms that inhabit their imaginations, they all come together around a singular idea: the work of art is not only inscribed in space, it is the measure of it. 

Véronique Buist
Benoit Blondeau
Audrée Demers-Roberge
Jean-Pierre Larocque
Alexandra Levasseur
Karine Locatelli
Möe Piuze
France Trudel

December 7, 2023, to January 13, 2024