Éric Nado

Born in 1975, Éric Nado lives and works in Montreal.

He holds Bachelor of Arts degrees in both philosophy and visual arts from the Université de Montréal (2000, 2003). In 1998, inspired by recycled art and urban exploration, he commences his artistic practice.

His œuvre can be found in the Contemporary Art Museum Espacio SOLO in Madrid, amongst permanent works, as well as in private collections in Canada, Germany, and the United States, including those of The Boston Globe and of Swizz Beatz’ The Dean Collection.

Since 2010, Nado is featured amongst the artists accredited by the Quebec Ministry of Culture’s Integration of Arts to Architecture Program (known as the 1% project). He is one of the artists who have been represented by the gallery since its opening in 2014.

Our relationship to our industrial past, the idea of work and our collective memory are the themes that Nado strives to explore in his œuvre. He is particularly interested in the idea of using parts from objects made in the past to create art in the present, this play with time.

His assorted series are varyingly made from industrial scrap, from sewing machines, or from typewriters, themselves made in a series. His childhood memories of playing with his mother’s typewriter are at the heart of his best known works, the Typewriter Guns ("mitra-lettres"). For the young Nado, the sounds which said machine would emit whilst his mother worked on it recalled the sound that a submachine gun makes.

In receiving a few typewriters in 2011, Nado is reminded of his youthful games, which inspire him to start his very precise 5 step creative process: the dismantling, the laying out of the "puzzle", the composition, the assembly, and the finish.