Eric Godin

The main public knows who he is…

Thanks to his more than active participation in the building of the weekly newspaper Voir; his creative collaborations with TVA and Radio-Canada TV networks; his works with the NFO; the daily newspaper La Presse; and with L'Actualité, Éric Godin seems to be everywhere. Godin is a painter, a sculptor, a writer, an editorial cartoonist, an illustrator, and a creative designer. Whichever path he chooses to explore, Godin always delivers a unique and aesthetic. Godin's works (paintings, sculptures, and drawings) can be found and discovered in several public and private collections throughout the world. Godin is the author of Lettre à Vincent – a book about the untimely loss of his son –, the creator of a book series for children called Les Beurgz, and has both designed and illustrated the Bébéatrice books. Since 2012, Éric Godin has been mostly dedicating himself to painting, sculpture, and writing.

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