Edon Descollines

A neurodivergent multidisciplinary artist working in the performing arts, plastic arts and poetry, Edon Descollines stands out for the quality of his stage presence, his abundant creativity and his body and soul commitment to art. Trained at the Muses - Center des arts de la scène, Edon first devoted himself to dance projects. On screen, he takes part in the film Gabrielle (2013) as well as Tu dors Nicole (2014). His journey as a visual artist led him to exhibit his works in 2013 and 2014 at the Articule artist center as part of the Tandem Créatif (Exeko) event.

His practice is part of the “Art brut” or Outsider Art movement characterized by a marginal and non-standard artistic approach. The forms he draws, mostly abstract, often include some words, affixed at the bottom of the work. In a poetic way, he testifies of a daily life that inspires him, of sacred moments of which he sometimes notes the hour and the date. His work isn’t weighted down with useless details and displays on the contrary a great simplicity, a freedom and a joyful spontaneity, which he never hesitates to demonstrate himself.