Échafaudage | Group show

Échafaudage | Group exhibition 
Artists: Charlie Barthelet, Ricky Bearghost, Erik Foss, Danny Gretscher, Adam Handler, John Maull, Karri Paul
Dates: June 11 to July 11, 2020
Beginning June 11, 2020, Galerie C.O.A will partner with seven different artists, three of whom have intellectual disabilities, to honour art at its best.
This exhibition offers a three-dimensional vision of playful and colourful art. Whether they are self-taught artists or contemporary plastic artists, all seven come together around a common aesthetic “genre.” Accumulations of found objects, combination of materials, successions of traces or layers, there emerges a real emotional density that nevertheless retains a certain purity. C.O.A invites you to savour the authenticity of these twenty-two stratified works, much less simple than they tend to be perceived.