Danny Gretscher

Born in 1977 in Jena (East Germany), Danny Gretscher then moved to Stuttgart where he began doing graffiti at the age of 16. He studied graphic design, but quickly focused on painting. In 2004 he decided to settle his first studio in Berlin without putting his street art apart. 

To his passion for painting he added his desire to travel. Australia held an important place as he spent many months there between 2016 and 2017, juggling between a show at 19 Karen (Gold Coast Art Gallery), a residency in Sydney, or even transforming urban spaces like the mural he created for the collective project Elysium in Byron Bay. 

After his Australian artistic journey, Danny Gretscher went back to Berlin and started working on his show for Galerie C.O.A ; There is enough light (June/July 2018) was Danny Gretscher’s first exhibition in North America.