Danny Gretscher

Danny Gretscher is a German contemporary painter, based in Berlin. In his large-scaled canvases the unique combination of vivid colour, organic delicacy and semi-abstract symbolism creates an incredible story of lasting drama.

Gretscher's creative process is very intuitive. As the artists puts it: "At times I am visited by impulses from the depth of the universe that occur to me as emotions. I give a colourful garment to these sensations. Sometimes drawing a few lines is enough to make them all of a sudden visible". As one pattern leads to another, the artist gets with the flow and sees where it leads him, operating in-between figuration and abstraction. Incorporating vibrant colours and a variety of mediums, such as acrylics, spray-paints, pencil and oil pastels, Gretscher creates a dream-like spaces with an ambiguous, ever-developing dialogues within them. From one angle tantalisingly mysterious conversations, from the next, completely identifiable to the human story. Even the literal titles keep reflecting new interpretation.

Born in Jena, East Germany, in 1977, Danny Gretscher emigrated to West Germany in 1989, where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Graphic Arts and Communication in Stuttgart in 1999. Some of Gretscher's recent solo shows include: 'The Present Is A Gift' and 'There's Enough Light' at C.O.A Gallery.