Crafty Cunts | Ms. Teri + Cat Prince

Curated by Ms. Teri and Cat Prince, the exhibition "Crafty Cunts" is a meeting between fine art and craft, crossing historical and contemporary imagery. All the artworks displayed are the result of an act of creation lived in a very ritual way by the two artists, who bring their respective cultures - Asia and Eastern Europe - into a discussion. They come therefore with their own references that have not always coexisted, and rally around a common vision: confronting the distortion of gender norms with contradictory expectations society places on femininity.

All these crossroads result in a work that is attractive yet revolting, luring in viewers through sensual visual qualities, yet simultaneously turning them away due to twisted dark undertones. By delving into themes relating to femininity through painting, ceramics or even various print techniques, the two artists begin to deconstruct and break down these longstanding limitations while celebrating their diverse abilities in craftsmanship and conceptualization.