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May 11th to June 10th, 2017

Copy/Paste/Erase is a collective exhibition which sets forth multiple overlapping perspectives on creating visual arts in the Post-Internet era. In a time so intrinsically characterized by information overkill, a state of pervasive connectivity, cloud-like thinking, and general processes of dematerialization, the work of art, aesthetics, as well as creative approaches and methodologies, are radically transformed. Its title evokes technological processes, the multitudes of dynamics they generate between subjects and objects, and the changes they create both in style and content. Eloquent and creative strategies, somber or quirky outlooks, and multiple processes of both traditional and experimental media are highlighted in the kaleidoscopic selection of artworks which comprises Copy/Paste/Erase.

9 emerging and established artists, both local and international, have been brought together for this event: Jérémiedb, Zoltan Veevaete (Canada), Nick Flatt & Paul Punk (Germany), David Rosado (Portugal), Mic Linder (Sweden), Joe Suzuki, Charles Clary, and Mauro C. Martinez (United States).

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