CARNAVAL | France Trudel & Moe Piuze

CARNAVAL, an exhibition featuring the works of France Trudel and Moe Piuze, conveys the most colourful of the two artists’ creations. The joyful arrangements follow one another, on canvas or on wood, to the benefit of two environments that are indeed singular, but common in one way: their constant search for the perfect juxtaposition. See you in two weeks, on April 27, to discover their work! 

Animal portraits, non-gendered faces or silhouettes that are sometimes half-human and unclear share space in France Trudel’s paintings. Scenes with a raw aesthetic, combining the figurative and the abstract, are revealed, putting forward characters whose role is defined only by the viewer. Her universe is populated with deconstructed and colourful narratives, atmospheres both playful and unusual, even spiritual. When she paints, the artist discovers. She materializes her inspiration; the ideas develop as she is creating her works, as if she were following a compass.

Moe Piuze’s work can be read as a game. The artist develops a language whose voluntary simplicity is matched only by the spontaneity of his compositions. A leg, an arm, a flower, a bird, the pieces he assembles are fragments of reality cut out of a smooth wood. Shapes and colours seem to keep their autonomy, but together they tell a story. Through their arrangement, he creates a dialogue.   

France Trudel  
Moe Piuze  

April 27 to May 27