Carlito Dalceggio

Citizen of the world and inveterate nomad Carlito draws inspiration from his many travels. From Mexico to Brazil, passing through Bangkok and other metropoles, his creativity is constantly sustained and renewed. However, he refuses to compromise on his vision of art. It is for that very reason he enjoys creating in a state of discomfort, forever seeking a perfect harmony between art and life. Dalceggio’s artistic development is rich and varied. He has resided in Mexico City over the past two years, where he presented a solo show in March of 2016 at the Celaya Brothers Gallery. ''Freedom Temple'', a large public statue he created, is on display in the very heart of the city’s Historic Center, the Plaza Mayor.

A public art enthusiast, Carlito Dalceggio has painted murals in cities across the world; one such project led him to create a mural, assisted by 40 children, in one of Rio de Janeiro’s most violent favelas. He is also an active member of MU, a Montreal association that promotes the creation of public art in the city. In 2013, a six-story multimedia exhibit of his work was presented in Istanbul, drawing over 80,000 visitors. That same year, The Royal Canadian Mint stamped a Dalceggio piece onto limited edition silver coins.

Most recent exhibition : Dance of the Blessed Spirits

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