Andrés & Valentina Layos

Andrés Layos (Medellín, 1986) is a Colombian artist who has been notably working with his young daughter, Valentina (Medellín, 2007), from the age of 3. An unparalleled draughtsman, Andrés starts drawings which Valentina finishes, and vice-versa. She comes up with the subject matter and oversees the creation; she guides her dad, and he acts as her collaborator. The two of them create drawings that are both playful and touching, and whose subject matter ranges from both real-life and fictional stories, memories, to Valentina’s favourite animals.

The naïve markings, careful traces, as well as the scribbles and textures of their work evokes the characteristically child-like freedom to be oneself. This series of artworks invites the viewer to discover the depth of the father-daughter bond, the profusion of love and art, and the transfer of knowledge, which are all shared within a single graphic space.