Andrea Myers

Born in 1979 in Ohio, USA, Andrea Myers explores the many facets of fabric and questions our relationship to it. Her sculptures and pieces can be found internationally, from the United States to Germany, including at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Hyde Park Art Center, Evanston Art Center, Toledo Museum of Art, Art Prize, Art Miami, Fiberart International, and the Columbus Museum of Art. 

Myers uses fabrics found, donated and reused to make installations. Her practice transcends the form and primary function of the material. Fabric clothes us; it is on our bodies and follow our movements, changing with the times and cultures. The fibre itself is memory. This dialogue between art and textile is exercised through a slow process of sewing, cutting and collage generating panoramas of colourful and organic stripes. The viewer is immersed in a soft and emotional environment where imaginary waterways and celestial landscapes take shape in front of his eyes.