Alexandra Levasseur

Alexandra Levasseur was born in Shawinigan in 1982. She holds a BA in Fine Arts from University of Costa Rica (2006), a post-graduate in Illustration/Communication from EINA in Barcelona (2008) and a major in film animation from Concordia University in Montreal (2014). She was awarded scholarships for academic excellence from Blairmore Foundation (2013) and Turtle Creek Asset Management (2014).

Levasseur’s work enjoys worldwide recognition. Invited to collaborate during the Fashion Week in Milan (2013) by Nick Knight (SHOW studio, London), she created drawings for one of the most renowned fashion shows. For many years now, numerous books and magazines have devoted articles and publications to her work: Juxtapoz, Decover, 24 images, Ignant, Art Maze Magazine, Booooooom, among others. She has participated in several film festivals and exhibitions around the world. She received a grant from Canada Council for the Arts for her last film project (2017). She lives and works in Montreal.

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