The Mêmes-Cacaïstes

The Mêmes-Cacaïstes

April 18, 2018

Galerie C.O.A. is pleased to present the Mêmes-Cacaïstes latest exhibition from May 3rd to June 2nd 2018. The art show will feature a selection of paintings, silkscreens, sculptures and a film projection. The vernissage is on May 3rd, from 5 pm to 9 pm.

The Mêmes-Cacaïstes have seen the light of day and night in 2013. At Montreal’s Nouvelle École des Beaux-Arts Plastiques, they skip class to make digital collages instead. Their world is a set of glands at risk of developing a tumour at any time. Each is a virus for the other; the tree is in the leaves.

Following a trip on Google Maps, the Mêmes-Cacaïstes are back in town.

Breakfast sandwich in hand, childhood memories have surfaced, monstrous and chaotic, made by computer in 1995.

At midday, in accordance with their tradition of offering their nail clippings, there was an exchange of showcase windows with Ongles Quincy on the Plaza.

Then, after accepting a donation of $ 100, they admired the light reflected on the dorsal nostril of a whale and its puddle. New filming opportunity.

Your cyclist cousin might also have told you about the mounds of condiments and flesh seen on the roadside on the way to Sutton …

Humbly and without authority, the Mêmes-Cacaïstes bring you closer to reality; filtered through an eye without iris.

The evening vernissage will be generously supported by La Boulangerie Louise, the Boldwin Microbrewery and the Subversives Microdistillery.

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