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[...] MUTE
September 17, 2015

[...] MUTE

September 17th to October 17th, 2015

17 artists, 1 size only (24" x 20") 

[CA] Sandra Chevrier, Eric Godin, Alexandra Levasseur, Robert Mathieson, Spazuk, Zoltan Veevaete [US] Benjamin Cook, Max Kauffman, Kindah Khalidy, Will Kurtz, Jay Miriam, Russ Noto, Wendelin Wohlgemuth [ES] Roger Sanguino [NO] Line Osmundsen [IR/NO] Nina Ghafari [CO] Johan Barrios 

When it comes to admiring artistic beauty, there is a widely acknowledged common ground. Definitions can only fade into the background and give way to the notion of perception. More than any other form, artistic beauty can leave its viewer at a loss for words. The artists taking part in this exhibit drew inspiration from the information overload we are subjected to on a daily basis. Beyond the state of contemplation brought on by these artworks, they cast a colourful reflection that is muted yet outlined, offering themselves to observation. Galerie C.O.A is also proud to announce their latest collaboration with Alexandra Levasseur and Zoltan Veevaete and to present their work, by way of this exhibit.


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