Hélène Cenedese | E V E R Y D A Y

Hélène Cenedese | E V E R Y D A Y

March 01, 2018

Hélène Cenedese
Vernissage : Thursday march 15th, from 5 pm to 8 pm
Exhibition : march 15th to april 21st
Free entrance

For the first time, the Galerie C.O.A is hosting a solo exhibition of Hélène Cenedese, an artist from Montreal. The exhibition will occur from March 15th to April 21st and spotlights her last drawings and paintings, plastic testimonies of a daily routine common to all.

Graduated with distinction in Visual Arts from the University of Concordia, Hélène Cenedese is also a social worker. Since 2007, she has been participating to various shows in Montréal, Toronto ans New York. Nearly figurative and abstract, her drawing registers in a rough, uncluttered and primal esthetics.

Articulated around powerful impressions of spaces and people that she runs into, Hélène Cenedese’s work offers a discussion on her environment. Some of the images, utterly iconic and symbolic are often used in her work : one can notice head profiles, houses, sheds and trailers ; daily life objects such as headphones or a pair of pants. During this exhibition, she delivers the relationship she has with common objects, bearing a living memory and a very important social link. Under her work’s very thought of texture, she is offering us a modest interpretation of a remodelled reality.

Pictures of the opening (Click Here)