Éric Nado | QW3RT¥

Éric Nado | QW3RT¥

August 30, 2018

Exhibition: Eric Nado | QW3RT¥
Dates: September 13 - October 13, 2018
Opening vernissage: Thursday September 13th, 5-8pm

Eric Nado lives and works in Montreal. For 20 years, he has collected, deconstructed and reassembled industrial objects in series. Each of the resulting sculptures is a true technical exploration. His concern for skills and performance always comes with a common thread to the artist’s work: the storytelling of our collective past through the creation of evocative works.

As a child, Eric Nado was frantically typing the keys of his mother's typewriter in order to reproduce the sound of a machine gun. Years later, already in a process of sculpture-assembly of past relics, he created his first "Typewriter Gun". Beyond a level of very figurative reading, the Typewriter Guns refer to the undeniable force of words throughout time and History. They evoke for some the writings of the war, for others suggest a form of intimidation, of political position. Each element from these typewriters has a strong connotation, a simple entanglement of letters reminding the collective memory of the problems and challenges of communication.

Echoing the industrial history, Eric Nado produces his works in series and each of them carries a subject, an origin found in the color or through a selection of letters sometimes random if not precisely organized.