June 14, 2017

Five artists whose approaches address the concept of distortion have been brought together for this occasion. Anti+reflet is a group show which sets forth the diverse ways in which matter - such as plaster, upholstery, and photography - and the object’s function - statuette, bust, furniture or portrait - can be delved into. Despite their various processes, these artists reveal their pursuit of unexplored paths to clear, and their quest for new channels leading to both the familiar and the unknown. Anti+reflet, or anti-reflective, bears this name because these works of art cast a light on areas different from custom, convention, or popular belief. Instead of reflecting, they cannibalise the codes which they draw from, in search of alternatives.

The vernissage will be held Thursday, June 22nd, as of 5 PM.

Exhibiting Artists: Florian EymannJ.FREDE, Kay Healy, Kyle Montgomery, and Christina A. West.

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Our vernissage is generously sponsored by Les Subversifs Microdistillery with their artisanal Piger Henricus Gin, and Brasserie Les 2 Frères Brewery, with their Charles-Henri and Hickson craft beers.